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Mary's Paint Chat

I suppose you're here for the paint chat! Good! I hope you have fun! Please play nicely though. I know everyone here has heard of netiquette. :)

Enter the Paint Chat

Randomly Featured Mary*Made Wallpaper

Girls Gone Reploid: Still can't wait for CM to come out. Made a girl reploid wallpaper cause... there just aren't enough reploid chicks. I mean... there was Iris... but really... that was IRIS. ;P There's also Alia but she doesn't have any good official art of herself out there. These two rock anyways. I like them... I haven't even gotten to play the game yet and I like them. Come on... a PINK ninja?! Sweet! Images obtained via IGN. Cinnamon & Marino are Capcom.
Mega Man X: Command Missions: Can't wait for command missions to come out. Told some folks I'd try to make a CM wallpaper and here it is. I'm rather proud of it. It makes me smile. Images obtained via Capcom's wonderful websites. X and his jolly crew are Capcom.